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  • Big Brother Peyton Manning
    On the day of little brother Eli's retirement, we get big brother Peyton Manning to chat with us about his career. Plus, Trey and Stephen A. Smith settle a beef you must hear.
  • Zion Shows Out
    Zion Williamson made his debut and came in with a splash. Plus, Eli Manning will be retiring. we talk his old teammates Victor Cruz and Shaun O'Hara. Jerome Bettis joins!
  •'s a problem
    Pelicans EVP of Basketball Ops David Griffin joins to talk about Zion's NBA debut. Victor Cruz joins to talk about Eli Manning's career. Plus...Trey vs. Will Cain!
  • LeBron to NYC?
    Jerome Bettis joins to talk about Eli Manning & preparing to play in the Super Bowl. Plus, the guys talk about Eli deciding to retire and Zion's NBA debut.
  • Zion Delivers
    Shaun O'Hara and Adam Schefter join the show to talk about Eli Manning retiring from the NFL. Tim Legler joins to talk about Zion's debut. And...we BOOK IT.

RSS The Huge Show

RSS Dan Le Batard Show

  • Best Of: Leach and Helwani
    Mike Leach, Ariel Helwani and Derek Dietrich joined the show. The guys talked Ferris wheels, roller blades and NBA.
  • Hour 3: Ariel Helwani
    Ariel Helwani mowed through some NBA calls including a question from a special guest. The guys also ended the week with the club.
  • Hour 2: Aliens And Roller Blades
    Mike Leach joined the show to talk about aliens, Bigfoot, rollerblading and recruiting. Ariel Helwani joined the show in studio to discuss the NBA and MMA.
  • Hour 1: Super Bowl Prep
    The guys discussed how they could dissuade tourists from visiting South Beach so they won't get bad Super Bowl traffic. Stugotz also talks about his daughters driving.
  • Local Hour: Anibal Sanchez
    Anibal Sanchez joined the show and told the story of the day Joe Girardi was fired and re-hired as Marlins manager. The guys also explored Mike's Dominican heritage.