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Full Game | Heritage 73, Dow 63

The 2019-20 boys basketball season tipped off Tuesday night as Heritage beat Dow on the road 73-63. Fans of defense might not have enjoyed the game, which quickly turned into a track meet filled with […]

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  • Monday Night Mania
    The Eagles orchestrated a comeback win to keep their hopes alive in the NFC least spoiling Eli's return. Who is going to win the NFC East? Plus, are the Patriots spying again?
  • GW Hour 4: Has the league passed Eli
    Jack Del Rio joins the show to talk about the future of Eli Manning. Baylor HC Matt Rhule talks about the chance of him coaching in the NFL and Bill Belichick talks.
  • GW Hour 3: On to Cincinnati
    The Patriots are caught with a camera filming the Bengals sideline, who can you trust to win the NFC East and the guys talk about the passing of Pete Frates.
  • GW Hour 2: Let Eli finish the year
    Did Eli Manning play his last game? The Eagles overcame the injuries and a hostile crowd, Paul Finebaum joins the show and NFL Superlatives.
  • GW Hour 1: The return of Eli
    Eli Manning fell short in his return, Carson Wentz leads a comeback with no weapons, the Patriots are caught with camera in hand and Stephen Strasburg got paid.

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  • Best Of: Pat McAfee
    Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and Greg Cote talk to Ron Magill and Pat McAfee. Plus, does anyone care that the Patriots are cheating, can anyone evaluate anything in the NFL, the Useless Sound Montage and much more.
  • Hour 3: Ron Magill
    Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and Greg Cote talk to Ron Magill and Pat McAfee. Plus, the Useless Sound Montage, a 30 for 30 on Rick Pitino, the MLB HOF voting and more.
  • Hour 2: BCS Rankings
    Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and Greg Cote discuss Mike Ryan's bad beat, no one knows how to evaluate anything in football, Stephen Strasburg's massive contract, the latest BCS Rankings and much more.
  • Hour 1: Do We Care Anymore?
    Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and Greg Cote discuss if anyone actually cares that the Patriots are cheating, does the new Ghostbusters movie get you excited or are you done with the series, Phillip Rivers' comeback to Yannick Ngakoue and much more.
  • Local Hour: 90's Jingles
    Greg Cote and the shipping container discuss 90's commercial jingles, we give marriage advice and talk to one of our favorite callers.