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RSS Dan Le Batard Show

  • Best Of: David Bakhtiari
    On today's show, who looks more like a lunch lady, Luis Scola or Mike Leach?
  • Hour 3: David Bakhtiari
    Le Batard and Stugotz talk to David Bakhtiari from the Green Bay Packers and we open up the club!
  • Hour 2: March Sadness
    Le Batard and Stugotz unveil yesterday's results and today's match ups in our March Sadness tournament.
  • Hour 1: Most Interesting Man
    Le Batard and Stugotz discuss Arizona losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament and the former Most Interesting Man joins the show.
  • Local Hour: Spin-Offs
    Le Batard and Stugotz discuss yesterday's show event at J Wakefield Brewing. Also, what is the worst spin-off television show of all time?

RSS Golic & Wingo

  • NCAA Tournament Update
    Trey Wingo and Chris Canty talk NBA with Stephen Jackson and then get into the start of the NCAA Tournament with help from Seth Greenberg, Porter Moser and more.
  • Hour 4: David Duval
    Chris Canty, Trey Wingo and Myron Medcalf talk with David Duval about Tiger's return and then continue to talk about the NCAA Tournament with Myron Medcalf and more.
  • Hour 3: Tedy Bruschi
    Trey Wingo and Chris Canty talk with Tedy Bruschi about all things NFL and then bring in Loyola-Chicago HC Porter Moser on their big win over Miami yesterday and more.
  • Hour 2: Stephen Jackson
    Chris Canty and Trey Wingo talk with Stephen Jackson about all things NBA and bring in Seth Greenberg to talk about the NCAA Tournament and more.
  • Hour 1: Buffalo Loses Beat Arizona
    Trey Wingo and Chris Canty talk about the opening round of the NCAA Tournament and Buffalo upsetting Arizona and then Kirk Cousins is introduced in Minnesota and more.

RSS Stephen A. Smith Show

  • Bracket busted
    While we all love upsets Stephen A. can't believe his bracket was busted because Arizona didn't even bother to show up against Buffalo.
  • Hour 2: Lillard's Greatness, Mayweather to MMA?
    Stephen talks thinks it's a shame the Trailblazers are in the West because Damien Lillard is great, and will Mayweather get in over his head in MMA?
  • Hour 1: Arizona Loss, Eric Reid
    Stephen cannot believe his bracket is already busted because of Arizona's first-round loss, and gets into Eric Reid's claims he is being blackballed by the NFL.
  • Mel Kiper Jr.
    ESPN Draft Expert Mel Kiper Jr. joins the show to discuss the importance of Pro Days, does he still believe the Browns need to take a QB at one and what the Giants should do.
  • Should the Giants really take a Guard?
    Stephen A. opens up the show by discussing the stark difference between the Lakers and the Knicks, plus Tedy Bruschi thinks the Giants should take a Guard at #2.