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  • Hank Azaria and Ken Jeong: 3/30/17
    Adnan chats with Hank Azaria (4:00) and Ken Jeong (25:57), discusses great movies he never wants to see again (51:21), and guesses movies based only on their tagline (57:28).
  • Shared MVP: 3/30/17
    Greeny & Golic discuss who should win the MVP and will it be shared, Jose Canseco getting back into baseball and are the Cavs in trouble. Plus they talked with Brian Windhorst
  • Hour 4: MVP: 3/30/17
    Greeny & Golic talk about the MVP race with Ryen Russillo, plus actor Hank Azaria in studio
  • Hour 3: Jay Bilas & Mel Kiper Jr: 3/30/17
    Greeny and Golic talked with Jay Bilas about the Final Four and Mel Kiper Jr. about the upcoming draft.
  • Hour 2: Canseco back in baseball: 3/30/17
    Greeny and Golic talk about Jose Canseco getting back in baseball. Plus, they talked with Brian Windhorst.

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  • Don't praise the Pats: 3/29/17
    The guys think the Patriots are going for an easy PR win by saying they won't draft Joe Mixon. Plus, Jon Gruden, why the Warriors are back and we rate stuff.
  • Hour 3: 3/29/17
    Seth Greenberg gives his top five jobs in college basketball, Kevin Durant could return before the end of the regular season, and what's up with Tony Romo?
  • Hour 2: 3/29/17
    Ryen thinks the Warriors are back to their scary form without Durant, Todd McShay talks Joe Mixon and more, plus we play overrated, underrated or properly rated.
  • Hour 1: 3/29/17
    Why we shouldn't be giving the Patriots too much credit for taking Joe Mixon off their draft board, and is Richard Sherman on the trade block? Plus, Jon Gruden stops by.
  • Cavs really vulnerable?: 3/28/17
    The guys talk about the Cavs latest loss and if they're really vulnerable in the east, plus should Sam Hinkie want the Kings GM job and Ken Jeong stops by.