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Carman-Ainsworth Inches Closer to SVL Title

Jay Witham, head coach of the Carman-Ainsworth Cavaliers, joins Brad postgame after a hard-fought win against Mt. Pleasant. All SVL gameday reports this year are presented by Pat Carey Allstate.

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RSS Dan Le Batard Show

  • Best Of: Stugotz's Shoe Size
    On today's show, is it possible that Stugotz doesn't know his shoe size?
  • Hour 3: Metta World Peace
    Le Batard and Stugotz discuss Lamar Jackson and Metta World Peace joins the show.
  • Hour 2: Most Inconsistent Man
    We relive some of the best bits in show history and we marvel at how bad Stugotz is at his job.
  • Hour 1: Bomani Jones
    Le Batard and Stugotz discuss some of the best callers in show history and Bomani Jones joins the show.
  • Local Hour: Best Caller Ever?
    Le Batard and Stugotz discuss everything going on with the NCAA and we have possibly the best call in show history.

RSS Golic & Wingo

  • CBB Blue Bloods Could Be in Big Trouble
    Mike and Trey discuss the latest fallout in NCAA FBI investigation. Plus, Hilary Knight, U.S. Women's Hockey gold medalist joins the show.
  • Hour 4
    More details of the FBI investigation into CBB emerge. Jeff Goodman breaks down the latest. Plus, Love it or Shove it.
  • Hour 3
    Michael Kay and Tim Legler join the show. Plus, a new game in Real or Fake.
  • Hour 2
    Hilary Knight on her Olympic Gold, and Adrian Wojnarowski on the situation between Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs.
  • Hour 1
    Tiger has a good start to the Honda Classic. Plus, an Olympic request for Dancing with the Stars.

RSS Stephen A. Smith Show

  • Now we know names.
    Stephen A. discusses the FBI probe into CBB and what it means now that we know the names of players and schools, plus is it time to start paying players?
  • Hour 2: NBA is Back, Seth Greenberg
    Stephen talks about his concerns within the NBA now that the second half of the season has started, and Seth Greenberg joins to go in depth about the FBI's NCAA investigation.
  • Hour 1: NCAA Probe, Jay Bilas
    Stephen talks about the FBI's investigation on the NCAA, and what he thinks the real problem is. Jay Bilas joins to take the conversation further.
  • Is playoff realignment a good idea?
    While Stephen A. was originally onboard with possible playoff realignment, he has since he changed his mind because the thought of the Knicks never making the playoffs again.
  • Hour 2: Playoff Reform, Kawhi Out
    Stephen responds to LeBron James' comments on the tradition involved in the current playoff format, and warns listeners to not throw Kawhi to the wolves yet.